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Advantages of decentralized ventilation

Today, the installation of a ventilation system is often necessary both in new buildings and when renovating old buildings. In tightly insulated buildings, window ventilation alone is no longer sufficient to ensure adequate air exchange and thus protect living spaces from moisture and pollutants. Anyone who researches the ventilation market quickly realizes that there are different types of mechanical ventilation and that countless suppliers sell their products in the individual categories. In addition to the well-known central ventilation systems, decentralized systems have been becoming more and more popular for years. You can find a comprehensive comparison of the individual ventilation units here. Decentralized ventilation systems offer many advantages, which are summarized below.

Dezentrale Wohnraumlüftung - Flexible Lösung für Hausbewohner und Vermieter

What are the advantages of decentralized ventilation?

Decentralized ventilation systems are a flexible solution in which compact individual devices are inserted into the outer wall, which in pairs guide the air flow through the living space. No centrally managed ventilation device with a branched pipe system is necessary here. Read our guide to decentralized ventilation units if you would like to find out more about them in detail.

For renovations and in new buildings, it is inexpensive, easy and quick to assemble

Decentralized systems can simply be inserted into the outer wall for both renovations and new builds. If the wall opening is prepared, the installation of each ventilation unit is completed in less than two hours – another advantage compared to the much more complicated planning and installation of central systems. There are no ducts to be laid and no special features to be taken into account during maintenance. Last but not least, installing decentralized ventilation often saves a lot of money, on the one hand due to the short installation time and on the other hand due to lower material costs. By combining it with the inVENTer Simplex, assembly time and possible installation errors can be further reduced. A maintenance contract is not necessary with a decentralized ventilation system. The user can do the cleaning himself in a few minutes, which saves time and money.

Vorteile dezentraler Lüftung - Einfache Montage

Extensive accessories for individual requirements

With regard to accessory technology, decentralized systems are no longer inferior to the central ones:

Pollen filters, fine filters and even activated charcoal filters against odors are also available, as are sensor technology that can be connected to the control systems, e.g. CO2 sensors or humidity sensors.

A special feature is the zone control of the ventilation system, in which the ventilation is preprogrammed in individual zones by means of a weekly timer, e.g. B. more ventilation in the bathroom in the morning when showering, less ventilation in the bedroom at night when sleeping.

In summer, the operating mode can be switched for the night with a click to ventilate with cool air – without a summer bypass.

Your advantageswith decentralized ventilation from inVENTer

Advantages for business customers - uncomplicated planning and installation

Business customers appreciate the services and specific support in the planning and installation of decentralized ventilation systems.

Vorteile bei der Planung und beim Einbau von Lüftung

Vorteile bei der Planung

Installation advantages

inVENTer has been developing decentralized ventilation systems since 1999 and has been certified by TÜV Süd with ISO 9001 for tested quality. Customers also receive a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee on inVENTer quality products, made in Germany. DIBt approvals and test reports can be viewed on the product pages.

Benefits for private customersComfort, health and energy efficiency

There are a number of advantages for private customers or the residents of a residential unit with decentralized ventilation.

Health benefits:

Protection against pollen and dust through appropriate filters
Continuously oxygenated air
Removal of pollutants from the room air

Energy efficiency:

Low energy consumption
Preservation of heating energy through heat recovery
Easy cleaning of the devices

Vorteile für Privatkunden

Preservation of the property’s value:

Removal and control of humidity
Modern equipment
Mold prevention through optimal humidity

Living comfort:

Quiet acoustics; no sound
Avoid drafts
Easy operation of the system

ConclusionAdvantages of decentralized ventilation

For the residents of a house as well as for property owners and builders, there are clear advantages both in planning and installation as well as in terms of living comfort and protection of the property from damage. In summary, decentralized ventilation systems convince with their decisive advantages compared to traditional central systems if the installation of controlled living space ventilation is planned.

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