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the inventer controllers

your individual room climate

Our decentralised ventilation systems can be adjusted to your individual everyday life. Use inVENTer controllers to set when and how much airflow your four walls need. With programmable operating modes, you can create a healthy air climate that is customised to your needs.

mehr zur kabellosen Lüftungssteuerung Easy-Connect

Easy Connect

Wireless radio controller with demand-led control.

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Basic Connect

Wireless radio controller with simple operation.

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Gesunde Raumluft dank sMove-Regler


Basic controller with innovative "Touch & Slide" operation.

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inVENTer-Regler Multizonen-Regler MZ-Home


Clust-Air® technology with multi-zone control.

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Centra control system

Control system for the operation of the central Centra ventilation units.

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