Energetic renovation

Energetisch Sanieren mit inVENTer

In the following article, energy-saving measures through thermal insulation, modern windows and decentralized ventilation systems for heat retention as well as heating with renewable energies are explained and you are presented with further funding options for energy-efficient renovation.

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Energy-saving building

Energiesparendes Bauen früher und heute

Energy-saving construction and airtight building envelope – The requirements of energy-saving construction require an airtight building envelope. In our guide you can find out how this building envelope should be made and what exactly is meant by the term energy-saving construction.

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Ventilation system in the house

Lüftungsanlage im Haus

is often polluted with pollutants that escape from plastic, home textiles, wood stains or cleaning agents. Moisture also collects in inadequately ventilated living spaces and can lead to mold growth. As recently as 20 years ago, houses were built in such a way that air could naturally circulate in the house through more permeable building envelopes. Together with regular shock ventilation, unpleasant side effects of stale and humid air can be avoided.
Nowadays, new, energetic standards mean that houses are built so “tightly” that building owners have to consider the use of a ventilation system. Which ventilation system suits the needs of your home? In this guide we present the common ventilation methods in the house and compare them in terms of their effort, costs, functionality and practical use.

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Luftfeuchtigkeit in Wohnräumen - optimale Luftfeuchtigkeit - Luftfeuchtigkeit messen

The humidity in living spaces has an impact on well-being and health. An overview of humidity regulation and the optimal room climate.

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Schutzmaßnahmen gegenRadon dank Lüftung

Guide to mold in the apartment – from the causes to renovation. Here you will find comprehensive information on mold in living space: causes, development, types of mold, health effects, prevention, mold remediation and tenancy law.

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Causes and Formation of Mold

inVENTer-Wohnraumlüftung gegen Schimmelpilze

Moisture is a prerequisite for mold growth. Structural conditions and a lack of ventilation can easily lead to moisture and thus to mold. Here you will find all the information about the causes and development of mold in the home.

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Types of mold

The appearance, occurrence and characteristics of the most common types of mold that are toxic to humans can be found in our guide on the types of mold in living spaces.

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