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Ventilation - for a healthy indoor climate

How your home is ventilated and ventilated in a controlled manner is one of the most important planning and construction decisions that you should not underestimate. Because this decision has an impact on the quality of living, the energy balance and the long-term preservation of your home.
Regardless of whether you are building a new building or renovating – from an ecological and economic point of view, you should give a few additional thoughts about controlled ventilation.
When planning, a basic distinction is made between two principles of ventilation: On the one hand, there is free ventilation such as cross ventilation via windows or shaft ventilation, as was often installed in the past. Then there is the fan-assisted ventilation, which is divided into exhaust air, supply air and supply / exhaust air systems.
With regard to energy efficiency and since the construction of almost zero-energy houses will be mandatory from 2021, a ventilation system with heat recovery should already be considered in order to minimize ventilation heat losses.
A distinction is made between central and decentralized ventilation. With central ventilation, a single unit in the house must be networked with many pipes or air shafts through all rooms. This requires a lot of planning and laying work. In addition, ventilation shafts and pipes are always a problem in the overall architecture. They are visually difficult to hide, require a lot of space, have to be lavishly clad or an increased floor structure is necessary, which may reduce the material costs e.g. B. can increase for concrete.

Be- und Entlüftung – für ein gesundes Klima im Haus

With a decentralized ventilation system, however, you can use small and individually adapted units to ventilate and ventilate each room individually and tailored to its use. All you need to do is drill a hole in the right place and you can use sensors to control the ventilation requirements for each room individually. Thanks to this individual control, it is even possible to assign rooms to another use later – e.g. B. from children’s room to sports room – and the air volume flow can be easily changed.
For this reason, decentralized ventilation systems are ecologically and economically the better choice in modern new buildings as well as in sustainable renovations, as the amount of electricity used by the ventilation system is significantly lower compared to central systems. This should not be neglected, especially with regard to the expected increase in electricity prices.

The principle of heat recovery in controlled ventilation

In the controlled ventilation with heat recovery, energy is used that would be lost with conventional ventilation through windows. The degree of recovered thermal energy depends on the manufacturer and the type of device. A recovery rate of up to 90 percent is currently customary in the market. This noticeably saves heating costs and protects the environment at the same time.
A distinction is made between recuperative and regenerative heat recovery. With the recuperative method, the supply and exhaust air are routed past each other in separate ducts in order to transfer the heat. This principle is used in many central ventilation systems, for example in the form of a plate heat exchanger.
With the regenerative method, the heat is transferred via a storage medium. The supply and exhaust air are alternately routed over or through the storage medium. This principle is mainly used in decentralized ventilation systems. An efficient ceramic storage tank is used in the fans from inVENTer.

Prinzip der Wärmerückgewinnung bei der kontrollierten Be- und Entlüftung

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Notes on planning a ventilation system

Criteria for high-quality decentralized ventilation systems

On the one hand, the specified technical values ​​of a system for controlled ventilation should be displayed correctly, in particular in the interplay of standard sound level difference, sound emission and air volume flow. In addition, thanks to a transparent ventilation concept, customers should be able to clearly see which specific values ​​are achieved for the individual solution, for example when designating the nominal ventilation. The warranty period is also relevant. Established manufacturers offer a guarantee of up to 5 years. Also pay attention to the energy efficiency of the devices or the system, here inVENTer achieves the highest energy efficiency class A + with the interaction of the fans and demand-controlled ventilation. The degree of heat recovery is also relevant. This is determined according to the latest measurement criteria according to DIN EN 13141-8 at 70 percent of the reference air volume flow with more stringent requirements for wind pressure stability. Last but not least, the focus is on providing advice to the customer on site. Regional support with exhibitions or product presentations, personal assembly instructions and subsequent commissioning at the customer’s site are advantageous. Or to put it simply: choose a provider with “all-round customer service”.

Our recommendation for your ventilation system in the house

Decentralized ventilation systems are ideally suited for both the renovation of existing buildings and for new buildings and are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. When choosing a qualified provider, you receive modern technology with high energy efficiency. For example, with the iV14-Zero, inVENTer has the quietest and with the iV-Smart + the most powerful device of the respective fan class. All devices are TÜV-tested, have the CE mark and achieve energy efficiency classes A + or A.

The pressure stability in accordance with S3 classification also enables installation on higher floors. InVENTer supports you with your decision for a controlled ventilation with an individual offer ex works for the cost estimation and planning of your personal specialist planner on site. You will receive a free planning folder with all the data, which has been prepared in a way that is understandable for you, for an objective assessment. Rely on Made in Germany from the leading manufacturer of decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery. We are convinced of the quality of our products and give you a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Contact us!

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