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Woodplex assembly aid

The simplest installation in wooden stand construction

Holzständerbau mit inVENTer-Woodplex

Timber frame construction: modern, sustainable and in great demand

Prefabricated houses in timber frame construction are also enjoying increasing popularity in Germany. After all, wood is a traditional building material and a renewable, sustainable raw material. Both the ecological construction with wooden materials and an ultra-short construction phase using the prefabricated wooden stud walls lead to a steadily growing demand.

Your advantagesSimple wall feed-through, damage-free transport

individuelle Maßfertigung

The creation of the wall duct for the inVENTer ventilation systems in prefabricated wooden houses can be implemented quickly and easily with the Woodplex.

Thanks to individual customization, it fits seamlessly into the corresponding wooden stand construction.

The prefabricated opening of the Woodplex, into which the wall sleeve for the fan will later be inserted, is pre-assembled flush with the wall.

Thus, the transport of the prefabricated walls can be organized easily and without damage.

The ventilation devices will then be installed later on the construction site.

Installation in the wooden stud wallThe first built-in wall system for decentralized ventilation made of wood

If you decide in favor of inVENTer ventilation for the new construction of your house made in timber frame construction, then you decide in favor of installation with Woodplex. The wood assembly aid is the fastest and most homogeneous way to create the wall duct for ventilation in timber frame construction. This saves valuable construction time and ensures uncomplicated and error-free installation of the ventilation system.

  • Thanks to the prefabricated wall installation system made of wood materials, the installation of the inVENTer ventilation in wood frame and wooden stand construction is child’s play.
  • The Woodplex is manufactured individually for each project.
  • The frame of the quick installation system consists of solid or multilayer wood and is already fully insulated.
  • In addition to glass, rock or wood wool, the insulation can also be adapted on customer request.
  • In the middle of the wooden assembly aid there is an opening into which the wall sleeve for the fan is installed as usual on the construction site. This replaces the core drilling for the inVENTer ventilation units.
  • Due to its structure, the Woodplex blends harmoniously into the timber frame construction.
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