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Central ventilation with heat recovery from inVENTer

Centra for central ventilation from micro-apartment to school


The Centra range from inVENTer ensures healthy fresh air quality indoors. The different device variants are suitable for different areas of application, depending on the device size and output – from micro-apartments and single-family homes to classrooms. Convenient, flexible and energy-efficient. Here you will find an overview of all units in the Centra range from inVENTer.

Centra ventilation units

The Centra series from inVENTer consists of high-performance and flexible ventilation systems. The compact central systems are suitable both for new builds and for retrofitting. Available in different sizes, the ventilation system is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and can optionally be placed in an adjacent room. This offers maximum freedom for unobtrusive integration into the room concept. The individuality of the Centra product series makes the device one of the most efficient and most adaptable ventilation solutions on the market.

Centra 150

For smaller residential units up to 154 m³/h, Ceiling and wall mounting


Centra 200

For residential units up to 233 m³/h air volume flow, Floor and wall mounting


Centra 250

Air volume flow up to 250 m³/h , Ceiling and wall mounting


Centra 400

For larger residential units up to 438 m³/h, ceiling and wall mounting


Centra 1000

For residential or commercial units up to 995 m³/h, floor and wall mounting


Centra ventilation with rotary heat exchanger

Each device in the Centra range has an integrated rotary heat exchanger. This provides effective heat transfer and ensures heat recovery of up to 82 %, depending on the version. Freezing at low outside temperatures is prevented by the integrated frost protection. Centra products therefore do not require an extra preheating coil, which has a positive effect on energy efficiency.

How does a rotary heat exchanger work?


The principle of the rotary heat exchanger rotates the so-called heat wheel between the supply and extract air, whereby the extract air transfers its heat to the storage mass. The heated half of the wheel transfers the heat to the incoming fresh air, warming it up before it is fed into the building.

The Centra control systemOperating options for central ventilation

The Centra units are controlled via an intelligent control system and are easy to operate. It is also possible to connect various sensors to enable automatic control of the ventilation according to requirements. The Centra devices have serial internet capability, which enables external access for operation and maintenance and ensures smooth connection to the central building management system.

Mobile App

The app includes all the functions of the Centra Comfort control panel, has a user-friendly interface and enables clear and simple device control. The app allows access to all monitoring and control functions.  


The web browser offers the same functions as the app. It allows the user to access the device settings when the mobile app or control panel are not available.  

Centra Comfort + Basic control panel

The Centra Comfort control panel offers the user the same experience as the app. The Centra Basic control panel is user-friendly and allows selection from preset operating modes.

Centra accessoriesAll components for ventilation with Centra

Comair FLX air distribution system

Modern air distribution system that works optimally in conjunction with Centra ventilation units.

Iso FLX air distribution system

Modern air distribution system that enables flexible installation of Centra ventilation units.


Centra control system

Intelligent and intuitive: Wide range of control options via control panel, web browser or app.

Advantages with CentraVersatile | Efficient | Convenient

Ventilation according to DIN

Centra meets the requirements for the ventilation of schools, kindergartens and commercial premises as well as for residential ventilation.

Energy saving

Energy-efficient due to the elimination of the preheating register.

Efficient rotary heat exchanger

Heat and moisture recovery and no freezing at low outside temperatures.


Various sizes available for wall and ceiling mounting as well as for installation on the floor.

Quiet ventilation

Noise reduction thanks to aerodynamically tuned components and balanced EC fans

Summer night cooling function

Morning cooling of the incoming outside air.

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