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inVENTer-Regler sMove Basisregler SeitenansichtinVENTer-Regler sMove Basisregler Seitenansicht
inVENTer-Regler sMove Basisregler FrontalansichtinVENTer-Regler sMove Basisregler Frontalansicht

Intuitive controller for controlling the inVENTer ventilation

ProjectThe basic controller sMove in action

Einbausituation inVENTer-Basisregler sMove

Intuitive handling via clearly structured capacitive touch surfaces – with the sMove, preset ventilation levels, the pause function and the ventilation mode can be selected quickly and easily. The capacitive slide control (slide) ensures the stepless regulation of the ventilation intensity to implement individual ventilation needs.

Flexible solutionsThe basic controller in different versions

inVENTer-Regler sMove Basisregler Seitenansicht

sMove s4 / s8The basic regulator in its most inconspicuous form

Thanks to its flat, switchless design, the sMove controller fits discreetly and stylishly into any living environment.

The sMove s4 variant controls up to 4 iV ventilation units, the sMove s8 manages up to 8 inVENTer fans.

Both versions are also available in the “Flat” variant that cannot be switched off, particularly suitable for rented apartment buildings.

inVENTer-Basisregler sMove long

sMove s4 / s8 longThe controller upgrade

The “long” version of the basic sMove controller can be installed just as easily as its little brother, but it can also cover the entire double socket of older inVENTer controllers in an elegant manner.

It is also available in the “Flat” version, preferably used by building owners in the rental area to prevent the ventilation system from being switched off permanently and to ensure basic ventilation.

Manufacturer number sMove s4: 1001-2006
Manufacturer number sMove s8: 1001-2007


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