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The low-key decentralised ventilation

inVENTer-Außenabschluss Corner Schnittdarstellung

Systems with heat recoveryHealthy indoor air without heat loss

inVENTer iV-Smart+ Corner für die Fensterlaibung

iV-Smart+ Corner​Compact ventilation system

The most powerful compact fan is also available as a Corner version for a concealed exterior closure. Ventilation “around the corner” is possible with the iV-Smart+ Corner. The exterior finish is integrated into the insulation layer of the facade.

inVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV14-Zero Corner für die Fensterlaibung Außenansicht

iV14-Zero Corner Sound insulation ventilation

The corner version of the iV14-Zero ventilates particularly quietly. Thanks to the patented sound insulation material Inventin® and the air outlet in the window reveal, this system achieves a high level of sound insulation and makes outside noises almost inaudible.

Einzelraumlüfter iV-Twin+ Corner Explosionsdarstellung

iV-Twin+ CornerSingle room ventilation

Individual rooms can also be inconspicuously ventilated with the iV-Twin+ Corner. The corner external closure is installed in the external insulation and the air outlet is located in the window reveal.

ProjectsThe Corner in action

inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Medebach Bild 1
inVENTer-Referenz Eigentumswohnung Jena Bild 3
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Medebach Bild 7

Ventilation “around the corner” is possible with the inVENTer Corner.

The narrow flat duct of the corner closure allows the ventilation outlet to be covered by a discreet stainless steel reveal grille. Adapted to the color of the external plaster on request, the external finish is practically invisible.

Basic systemsInconspicuous basic ventilation

inVENTer-Wandeinbauset aV100-Corner Außenansicht

aV100 CornerFor exhaust air systems

With the aV100 wall installation set, inVENTer exhaust air devices can be installed in the outside wall in no time at all. The aV100 Corner is just the thing for a clean facade in the exhaust air area.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV100 ALD Corner

aV100 ALD CornerBasic air inlet

In an inVENTer exhaust air system, supply air elements must not be missing in order to avoid negative pressure. Of course, the wall vent can also be “hidden” in the window reveal here.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV160 ALD Corner

aV160 ALD CornerSuitable for retrofitting

If you opt for an aV160 ALD, you also get a high level of noise protection and future prospects. The aV160 ALD Corner can be upgraded to a ventilation system with heat recovery.

Technical informationValues, accessories and downloads

inVENTer-Kompaktsystem iV-Smart+ Corner

iV-Smart+ Corner

Manufacturer number: 1001-0173

iV14-Zero Corner

iV14-Zero Corner

Manufacturer number: 1001-0185

iV-Twin+ Corner

iV-Twin+ Corner

Manufacturer number: 1001-0238

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