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Nordic external closure

Decentralized ventilation – hidden and efficient

inVENTer Nordic-Abschluss in Klinkerfassade mit Closeup

Systems with heat recoveryComfortable room climate and high efficiency

inVENTer iV-Smart+ Nordic Fassadengitter

iV-Smart+ NordicCompact system

The most powerful compact fan is also available as a corner version for a concealed exterior closure. Ventilation “around the corner” is possible with the iV-Smart+ Corner. The exterior finish is integrated into the insulation layer of the facade.

inVENTer iV14-Zero Nordic Fassadenabschluss

iV14-Zero NordicWhisper quiet

The iV14-Zero Nordic is a good choice for special noise protection requirements. It is suitable for installation in the bedroom, for example. The grille is visible as an exterior finish, the rest disappears into the facade.

inVENTer Einzelraumlüfter iV-Twin+ Nordic Fassadenabschluss

iV-Twin+ NordicFor single room ventilation

The iV-Twin+ Nordic ventilates individual rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. It is characterized by a strong exhaust air mode. It is also available in the subtle Nordic version – for clinker brick and ETICS.

inVENTer iV14-MaxAir Nordic Fassadenabschluss

iV14-MaxAir NordicFor large rooms

Anyone who wants to ventilate a fitness studio or a meeting room inconspicuously and efficiently, chooses the iV14-MaxAir with Nordic facade finish. Suitable for clinker brick and also for ETICS – and always with the right RAL color.

ProjectsThe inVENTer Nordic in action

inVENTer Nordic-Abschluss im Wärmedämmverbundsystem
inVENTer Nordic-Abschluss Klinkerbau
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Schwerin

Decentralized ventilation – with the Nordic facade closure from inVENTer. It is particularly suitable for installation in the clinker porch, where it easily overcomes the air gap between the wall and the porch. In the thermal insulation composite system, it also shines with a particularly inconspicuous facade grille.

Basic systemsDiscreet and simple basic ventilation

inVENTer-Wandeinbauset aV100 Nordic Außenansicht

aV100 NordicFor exhaust air systems

Inconspicuously integrate exhaust air devices from inVENTer into the clinker brick facade – that’s possible with the aV100 Nordic. The facade finish is available in different RAL colors.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV100 ALD Nordic

aV100 ALD NordicBasic wall vent

The outside air vent aV100 ALD Nordic is suitable for a pure inVENTer exhaust air system in Nordic style. It is particularly easy to install with a pipe diameter of just 100 mm.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV160 ALD Nordic

aV160 ALD NordicSuitable for retrofitting

The aV160 ALD Nordic offers supply air with a high level of sound insulation. If necessary, the exhaust air system can be converted to a system with heat recovery.

InstallationThis is how the Nordic external closure is installed

Installation in the clinker brick facade

Schnittzeichnung inVENTer Nordic-Abschluss Klinkerfassade

Installation in the thermal insulation composite system ETICS

inVENTer Fassadenabschluss Nordic Schnittzeichnung WDVS

Technical informationValues, accessories and downloads

Kompaktlüfter iV-Smart+ mit Nordic-Abschluss Fassadengitter

iV-Smart+ Nordic

Manufacturer number: 1001-0223


iV14-Zero Nordic

Manufacturer number: 1001-0226

inVENTer Einzelraumlüfter iV-Twin+ Nordic Fassadenabschluss

iV-Twin+ Nordic

Manufacturer number: 1001-0232

inVENTer iV14-MaxAir Nordic Fassadenabschluss

iV14-MaxAir Nordic

Manufacturer number: 1001-0229

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