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Whisper quiet & wireless

ProjectsThe iV14-Zero Connect in action

iV14-Zero Connect
iV14-Zero Connect
iV14-Zero Connect

The iV14-Zero Connect brings fresh and healthy air into your rooms very quietly and completely inconspicuously. Thanks to the inner cover “Undercover”, your ventilation system fits flush with the wall in your living space. The “inVENTer Mobile” app control allows the ventilation to be adapted intuitively and conveniently to your needs.

Flexible solutionsThe sound insulation fan in different versions

inVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV14-Zero Corner für die Fensterlaibung Außenansicht

iV14-Zero Corner​ Connect Intelligent sound insulation ventilation for the window reveal

iV14-Zero Nordic für Klinkerfassaden

iV14-Zero Nordic Connect Wireless sound insulation ventilation for clinker buildings


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