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Schalldämmlüfter inVENTer iV14-ZeroSchalldämmlüfter inVENTer iV14-Zero

Strong and whisper quiet

ProjectsThe iV14-Zero in action

The iV14-Zero with increased noise protection meets special requirements, e.g. in the bedroom or children’s room. Its high air volume flow reliably supplies the entire living unit with fresh air.

Flexible solutionsThe sound insulation fan in different versions

iV14-Zero Corner​Sound insulation ventilation for the window reveal

The iV14-Zero Corner with its air outlet in the window reveal is suitable for an almost invisible facade closure. The reveal grille is available in different RAL colors.

iV14-Zero Nordic für Klinkerfassaden

iV14-Zero NordicPerfect for clinker facades

With the Nordic facade finish, the iV14-Zero soundproof ventilator fits discreetly into the clinker brick facade. It also offers an inconspicuous exterior finish for thermal insulation composite systems.

iV14-Zero Werte Bemaßung
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