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Ventilation in micro-apartments

inVENTer PAX - ventilation system for hotels, dormitories, nursing homes

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In apartment houses with micro-apartments, such as B. Hotels and dormitories, ventilation systems have become an inevitable and rather complex issue. There are numerous guidelines and specifications that must be observed in this context for safety reasons. Whirring and annoying noises from the ventilation in an apartment or a residential complex and complicated fire protection measures are a thing of the past with the inVENTer PAX sound-absorbing fan. with the powerful ventilation system inVENTer PAX, inVENTer offers a solution, among other things. for hotel rooms, micro-apartments, student residences, nursing homes and senior citizens’ residences.
The device is installed in the exhaust air room (e.g. in the interior bathroom) and can ventilate several rooms from there at the same time. Various operating modes can be set individually, including the preheater, which prevents the rooms from cooling down in winter when outside temperatures are low. The continuous ventilation removes moisture and prevents mold – for fresh air and a healthy indoor climate.

Referenz inVENTer PAX Apartmenthaus Bad Segeberg
Referenz inVENTer PAX Wohnheim Frankfurt
Referenz inVENTer PAX Hotel Wipperfeld

How inVENTer PAX worksApartment ventilation

Right from the first start-up, the PAX adjusts itself to the spatial requirements by means of auto-calibration. Then everything runs automatically: the used air is sucked in in the extract air area and transported to the outside via flat ducts. At the same time, fresh air from outside also enters the device via a flat duct, is warmed up via the heat exchanger and released into the supply air room via a short connecting pipe. The strength of the air flow is regulated automatically thanks to the presets. When there are peaks in humidity, more air is transported in order to compensate for them, while the PAX only runs on a low level when the residents are absent.

Functional principle of sound insulation ventilation - floor plan for model hotel rooms
inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 6

In the bathroom / exhaust air room

The used exhaust air is sucked in here and discharged to the outside via a flat duct system. Depending on the humidity and the setting of the PAX, this happens more or less. For example, the PAX automatically adjusts itself up when showering so that moisture can be drained off as quickly as possible and mold and mildew stains are prevented. Due to the low level of sound transmission, the PAX can hardly be heard acoustically.

inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 3

PAX exterior clousure

At the outer end of the PAX, to which two flat ducts lead, both the exhaust air is emitted and the fresh outside air is sucked in. This takes place in two separate pipes that are covered with a coated weather protection hood. The weather protection hood is designed in such a way that any condensation that occurs can drain off safely and does not come into contact with the facade. It also protects against wind and weather.

inVENTer-Referenz Hotelzimmer Löberschütz Bild 7

Supply air room / hotel room

The outside air is warmed up in the PAX main module via a heat exchanger. If the outside air is too cold, it can be heated automatically using the integrated preheater. In addition, G4 filters remove dust and dirt. The supply air then flows through a pipe and an air intake opening into the living room – in this case into the hotel room. In this way, fresh, oxygen-rich air is continuously provided.

Easy installation

Installers install the inVENTer PAX system in the false ceiling of the exhaust air room (e.g. the inside bathroom) and guide the air flows through two flat ducts to the outside wall. The device monitors the humidity and supplies the entire apartment with fresh air. The PAX has a low height and can also be installed in rooms with thin walls or high wind pressure. An extra pipe for ventilation in the shaft is not necessary. And regardless of whether it is a new or an existing building – the inVENTer PAX is suitable for both types of building. If required, the system can also be coupled with a fan coil unit, a so-called fan coil unit. The converter influences the air temperature and the relative humidity of the incoming supply air.

Luftvolumenstrom [m³/h]:
30 – 78 (90 Fortluft)
Wärmerückgewinnung [%]:
bis zu 80
Leistungsaufnahme [W]:
3,5 – 25
Vorheizregister [W]:
< 375
Schalldruckpegel [dB(A)]:
19 – 29 (35 Fortluft max.)
Betriebsspannung [V AC],[Hz]:
230, 50
IP 24
Filter Zuluft/Abluft:
G4 / G4
Normschallpegeldifferenz [dB]:
47 Abluftraum / 77 Zuluftraum

Das System inVENTer PAX kann mit folgendem Zubehör erweitert werden:

  • Staubfilter
  • Weitere Wickelfalzrohre DN100x995
  • Tellerventile
  • Schalldämpfer
  • Steckverbinder
  • Bögen
  • T-Stücke

inVENTer product overviewDownload
inVENTer planning manualDownload
Installation and operating instructions inVENTer PAXDownload
3D model DWG inVENTer PAXDownload

Manufacturer number: 1001-0170

visit sample room at inventer

inVENTer-Referenz Hotelzimmer Löberschütz Bild 1

If you want to get an idea of ​​the range of services of the inVENTer PAX, you can visit a massive model hotel room at our headquarters in Löberschütz and order your own model rooms. We are happy to implement such model rooms for investor groups and hotel chains at any time – this way, the functionality and benefits of the ventilation system can be experienced before construction begins. This is a novelty and a real added value for the market. Now newly built: a 19 square meter model room, created according to the construction plans and specifications of a group of investors who were looking for a suitable ventilation system with simple fire protection measures. After the tour, the group recently ordered their first 130 PAX units.

We will also find an individual solution for your planned project. Make an appointment now!


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