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Decentralized &




Wireless decentralized ventilation

The new wireless control inVENTer Connect makes it possible


Wireless decentralizedThat's how it's done!

Ventilate from the basement to the roof

Once connected to the power supply, the Connect inner cover communicates with all ventilation devices via an independent network. With the help of intelligent sensors, a comfortable climate at home is ensured.

Wireless control of ventilation devices and zones

With the "Easy-Connect" controller, up to 16 ventilation units and up to 4 ventilation zones can be controlled. The free app "inVENTer Mobile" controls the individual ventilation profiles, connected via Bluetooth.

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Wireless ventilation?These are my advantages

"I ventilate with inVENTer Connect."

"I'm planning inVENTer Connect."

"I'm installing inVENTer Connect."

That is inVENTer ConnectComponents & functions

Easy Connect e16 controller

The Easy Connect controller is the central hub for the inVENTer Connect wireless network. The radio control unit has a clear information display, which gives you information about the indoor and outdoor temperature, the humidity and the CO 2 content of the room air. The controller serves as an access point for the “inVENTer-Mobile” app and at the same time offers the option of quick access on site, even without an app.

Inneer cover Connect

The inner panel is one of the main components of the inVENTer-Connect radio system and replaces the standard inner covers of the ventilation units iV-Smart +, iV14-Zero, iV-Compact and iV-Light to enable integration into the radio network. In addition to the radio interface, the Connect inner panel has local control electronics, a power supply unit and an automatic shutter. In the flush-mounted version, the Connect inner cover is flush with the wall when closed and is therefore almost invisible.

"inVENTer Mobile"- App

You control your ventilation system with the “inVENTer Mobile” app. The app connects to the Easy Connect controller via Bluetooth. You can then assign ventilation profiles and make more detailed settings intuitively. In addition to the basic functions such as pause, boost and ventilation with heat recovery, the “inVENTer Mobile” app gives you full functional access to your inVENTer Connect system. The app is free of charge and available for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Flush with the wall & invisibleThe new Connect inner cover


In addition to the Easy Connect controller and the “inVENTer-Mobile” app, the Connect inner cover is a prerequisite for the radio control system. The inner cover has sophisticated electronics that control the automatic locking system, among other things. Whether as a flush-mounted or surface-mounted version, the Connect inner cover blends discreetly into the living space.

Ventilation devices for inVENTer ConnectWireless & decentralized

iV14-ZeroThe radio solution with a sound insulation concept

Silent, invisible and without cables: inVENTer-Connect is also available for soundproof ventilation with the iV14-Zero.

iV-Smart+The wireless compact fan

Cable-free compact ventilation with the iV-Smart +: easy installation, intuitive operation via the app.

Ventilation profiles and basement ventilationDemand-controlled ventilation with inVENTer Connect

Ventilation profiles with Connect

Your ventilation with inVENTer Connect is as individual as your lifestyle. Simply assigned via the "inVENTer Mobile" app, the ventilation profiles adapt the ventilation intensity in the respective living rooms to your use. Do you go to sleep at 10 p.m.? Then the ventilation pauses in the "bedroom" profile so as not to disturb you when you fall asleep and then ventilate properly again after you get up.

Basement ventilation with Connect

Damp walls and a musty smell - moisture often settles in unheated basements and walls become a breeding ground for mold spores. With inVENTer Connect, the basement ventilation is controlled completely automatically. Thanks to temperature sensors for inside and outside, the dew point is determined exactly and the fan knows exactly when it is allowed to ventilate.

Retrofit ventilation easy!

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